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Unveiling Design Wonders in Emporia, Virginia! 🌟

🌟 The Backstory:

Our recent adventure in Emporia, Virginia had us jazzing up a kitchen with sleek tones of blacks, whites, browns, and grays. The goal? To add that perfect pop of color and whimsy. Spoiler alert: It's absolutely stunning!

🎨 Fabric Exploration:

At our initial consultation, we dove into a sea of fabrics, aiming for the one that not only complemented the space but also reflected our client's personality. Unexpectedly, we fell head over heels for a fabric that brought the whole design together.

💡 Design Decisions:

We slightly elevated the depth of the cornice board, added contrasting blue colored piping, and made a unique decision to railroad the fabric sideways for a seamless finish – these choices turned the kitchen into a masterpiece. Check out the magic in our exclusive after photos.

"Are YOUR windows spring ready?"

  • Yes! My windows are amazing.

  • No, still trying to figure what I need to do.

  • Getting close, but still not what I want.

💻 Book Your Consultation:

With spring on the horizon, it's the perfect moment to envision your own window treatment project. Picture the fresh air, the soft sunshine—let's get your space ready for the season! Booking your free consultation is just a click away! Using Promo code: "Spring" at checkout.

Stay inspired and I can't wait to make window magic together!

-Katrina 💚

Spoken Interiors Team

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